Earth Rider

Conquer the earth and showcase your complete dominance as an Earth rider. Build huge mountains to trap or destroy the missiles of opponents using different tactics. Earth Rider game is featured for free on IOS devices.

Price: Free!

Published on: October 1, 2022


Earth Rider is a free to play game that is specially designed for IOS devices. It is a rapid kind of game and the players need to react really quickly. You will play as an earth rider and build huge mountains to destroy the missiles coming from the enemies. You need to show your complete dominance on earth that you can conquer the earth anytime you want. Build some huge mountains and use different tactics to trap the missiles. This will give you points as a reward and you will be able to unlock new skins for your character. Earth Rider game is available for free on the Apple app store and it is only compatible with the mobile phone having an IOS version of 10.0.0 or more.