Empire of Sin


Published on: October 2, 2022
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Empire of Sin is a tactical, turn-based strategy video game developed by Romero Games and published by Paradox Interactive.  

The game is set in Chicago in the notorious 1920s Prohibition-era and assigns you the role of a crime boss trying to gain control of Chicago. The game features 60 choices of underlings and you can recruit 16 of them to take care of your illegitimate businesses. These businesses can vary from brothels to casinos and speakeasies. As with all shady businesses, you have to go out of your way to protect yourself and your businesses from the law enforcement and your rival crime bosses. The game features alcohol as the in-game currency which you can get by completing several missions. You can also make alcohol at a brewery if you have control over one. Make sure to get the highest quality alcohol as it can be used to assert your empire’s influence over rival groups and poor quality alcohol destroys your reputation. 

In order to conquer the city of Chicago, you have to take over all the businesses run by your rival mafia bosses. This can be done by forming alliances or via combat. You acquire more funds as you gain control over more territories which allow you to better equip your underlings with arms and weapons and to recruit more members. The different mob figures featured in the game take inspiration from real life Chicago gangsters of the prohibition era and include the likes of Al Capone and Sai Wing Mock among others. 

The game features a smooth gameplay with the streets of Chicago zooming out flawlessly into a board game rendition of a map and the buildings are color coded based on the gangs who own them. The game features intense boss on boss sit-downs reminiscent of the old school gangster movies. The game offers a smooth gameplay and the engine is very well optimized. All of this is complemented by a mysterious soundtrack that takes you back to the chilling Prohibition era. 

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