Extinction Protocol

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Extinction Protocol is a unique blend of strategy and adventure. Take control of a construction ship. Plan your fight against enigmatic war machines. Make the most of challenging missions and explore the ever-changing wasteland. Discover the secrets of this post-apocalyptic world or become the ultimate force.

Pick your battles carefully

After each mission, you’ll have time to re-evaluate your advance and plan your next steps. Each choice has its own benefits, costs, requirements and, of course, risks.

Adapt to the ever-changing wasteland

Every play-through presents different obstacles and possibilities. Powerful and often double-edged upgrades encourage you to find the best synergies and try new approaches.

Prove your tactical skills

You’re fighting an unforgiving enemy in a strange world. Be ready to make tough decisions and face the consequences of your actions.

Find your own solutions

Most objectives have can be solved in multiple ways and there are always hidden side objectives to discover.


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