Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout


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Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout is a massively multiplayer online party game developed by Mediatonic. 

The game features a 3D playing field in which up to 60 different players compete in several round-based obstacle courses in which the objective is to qualify for subsequent rounds. Several players get eliminated with each round and the last player standing in the final round is declared the winner. The challenges involve more than 24 mini-games including thrilling races and football with giant inflatable balls. For added bonus, each of these mini-games features some kind of obstacles like swinging boulders and sliding doors. A mechanic known as “Tail Tag” is introduced in a bunch of mini-games that requires you to chase your opponents and essentially grab their tails from them. This can be equally fun and frustrating as grabbing someone while on the go is pretty difficult. 

The game takes place in a bright, cartoony world and features minions-inspired characters. These characters can be customized with different outfits and emotes using the in-game currency called “Kudos”. This currency can be obtained by completing different matches throughout the game. A much fancier currency called “Crowns” is awarded to you if you end up winning the match. Additionally, the game also support microtransactions allowing you to purchase additional in-game currency. Not only does the game feature a variety of original outfits including the upbeat pineapple couture and the hot dog outfit, costumes of characters from other games like the Godzilla costume and Sonic the Hedgehog costume are also present. 

The game features two game modes including a competitive free for all and a Cooperative mode that allows you to play with friends. The game features a comic undertone and is bound to put a smile on your face as you see the jelly bean looking characters fall, bend and bounce off different obstacles.

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