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Far Cry Primal is a new game addition in the Far Cry series that was released by Ubisoft in 2016. Far Cry Primal is an action adventure game. In the game, you will be located in a forest having many deadly and man eating animals. You have to collect the resources out there to craft weapons. These weapons will be used to battle against these deadly animals. You can craft a spear, sword or bow. You can hunt any of them to eat. This hunt can be done in day time or night, the hunt time can be decided by you.

You can add any animal to your side by letting him eat anything or just bluffing him. They can help you while fighting with the other deadly animals. You can ask them to attack on the animals using different techniques, tactics or gestures. You also have a friend owl. He can assist you with the location of yourself and the enemies. You may also have to face the tribes living on the sides of the forest. They could be huge in number.

You can attack their camps to let them leave the area. Once they leave the camps, you can use it for yourself. Far Cry Primal is the most popular game of the series which is available for you to play on Windows PC, Xbox and PlayStation.

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2 reviews for Far Cry Primal

  1. Bali

    This is the best game that I’ve ever played.

  2. Fastfinge

    I’m not sure why people gave mixed reviews for this game, I love this game.

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