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Complete Review & Description

If a rural lifestyle sounds appealing – but not the early mornings, hard yakka and mountains of muck that goes with it – this little charmer might just hit the spot. The aim of the game is to run a successful farm by raising livestock, collecting the raw materials they drop (we’re talking eggs, wool and milk), processing the materials, manufacturing them into other products, and selling off your goods at the local market. Along the way you’ll be able to purchase upgrades for your plant to improve storage capacity and output. It’s not all plain sailing, however; there are also finances and inventory to manage, and predatory bears to capture. The latter may seem like an unusual farm hazard, and they certainly aren’t indigenous to ‘Noo Zillund’; nevertheless they can wreak havoc on your livestock numbers.

Each level has a different checklist of objectives, such as accumulating a specific number of livestock or products. Complete the level within a specified time and you’ll earn gold or silver medals. You can always replay a level to improve on your time – you’ll have to revisit some of them anyway, to fund building and equipment upgrades required for advancement. For some reason there’s a slight discrepancy between the listed goal times and the actual goal times, but it’s in the player’s favour so we’re not complaining too loudly.

Controls are responsive and very simple to operate. We guarantee you won’t miss the traditional ‘point and click’ PC interface, to which this type of game is usually better suited. Game play is simple enough for a child to master, yet there’s sufficient challenge to keep adult players amused – for a while, at least. The pace never quite achieves ‘frenzy’ status, but it can be tricky juggling several balls at once.

With its amusing but limited sound effects and only one tune playing in the background, you’ll soon become well acquainted with the audio component of Farm Frenzy. We don’t think it’ll drive you nuts, however; it’s only for a few minutes at a time, and there’s always an option to kill the sound. The lower res graphics probably look great on the PSP, but don’t fare quite so well on the wide-screen TV. Despite this the visuals are colourful, cheerful and cartoonish – plus there’s enough detail to differentiate between the animals and objects.

The game’s accessibility, humour and addictive game play make it easy to overlook any negatives in favour of the fun on offer. With a price tag of just $5.95, Farm Frenzy is one of the best value minis we’ve played so far.



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