Flippy Hats

Flippy Hats is a free to play game for IOS devices. The players need to collect gems by launching hats in the air and then catch the hat back to gather gems. Throw the hat as high as possible to collect more gems.

Price: Free!


Flippy Hats is an adventure game being released in 2020. The main character of the game is named Woble, you need to help him in order to collect gems. Launch the hat of Woble into the sky to collect gems. The hat will collect the gems and then you have to catch your hat back. The more upwards it travels, more will be the chances of collecting gems. But keep one thing in mind, if you mistakenly drop the catch then all the gems will be lost.

Flippy Hats game features many hats, you will get them after making progress in the game. You can download the Flippy Hats game any time from the Apple app store.