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Gloomhaven is the digital adaptation of the acclaimed board game of the same name and mixes elements of tactical role playing with dungeon crawling. The game is developed by Flaming Fowl Studios and can be played using single player and 4 player Co-op modes.

Set in a medieval dark fantasy universe, the game assigns you the role of a Guildmaster with a team of 2-4 mercenaries as you travel through dreadful dungeons, horrifying forests and gloomy dark caves. These environments are filled with Demons, Bandits and the Undead who have forced people into the confines of their own towns and as a result, trade has taken a massive hit. You as a guildmaster sees this as a massive opportunity and aim to make lots of money by resuming trade across the land at a time when everyone else is too chicken to do it.

By giving you the ability to handpick your party members and their skills, the game essentially rewards you for your strategic planning and problem solving abilities. The challenges and missions in the game are certainly not for the faint of heart and their complexity sometimes leaves the sharpest players scratching their heads like chimps. With several right options to choose from, the players who can choose the best ones are rewarded the most.

The game features a single player adventure mode which uses roguelike procedural generation to create encounters. Additionally, there is a 4 player co-op mode which you can use to play with your friends. With a total of 17 playable characters, 95 scenarios and 47 enemy classes, the game pays homage to Isaac Childres’ classic in a spectacular fashion and with continuous updates and improvements to gameplay, this game isn’t the one you can afford to sleep on.

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  1. Ricky

    Found a few bugs in the game, but overall it’s a nice game.

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