Gorilla Town


Inspired by the classic Qbasic GORILLAS, Worms, and that one Tank flash game everybody played in middle school.
GORILLA TOWN is a challenging, fantastical artillery game of GORILLAS vs ROBOTS set in a 1920s Art Deco world. Play a fast-paced single player story mode that tests both your reaction time and brain as you juggle multiple enemies, powerups, and environmental changes, then try the nail-biting and rage-inducing turn-based local multiplayer with friends.
No bamboozling or shenanigans. We don’t like micro-transactions of any sorts. You buy the game, you get all of the game, and all the stuff we will add to it!

1 player mode

Help Victor escape GORILLA TOWN! Use your basic understanding of physics, luck, and a computer keyboard to launch yellow fruit of fury through twenty-two cityscapes filled with the most dangerous robots the 1920s has to offer. Collect powerups from looky-loo zeppelin spectators and relish in their delights!

  • Twenty-two (22) battles against unique robot adversaries that engage you with varying degrees of hostility and vigor.
  • Three difficulty level to choose from for all skill levels for players aged 5 to 500. Easy-Peasy, Just Right, and Over The Top.
  • Boost your chances of success with one of nine amazing powerups such as the ever effective “Building buster”, “Banana split”, and science defying Tele-Port Oil™!
  • Enhance your skills as you progress using the patented Upgrade-o-Rama.

2 – 4 player mode

Pull up a chair & take turns battling your friends for supremacy of GORILLA TOWN. Play 1-on-1 or 2-on-2 with any GORILLA TOWN resident. Earn powerups by destroying blimps and get one over on your opponent!

  • Show your friends what’s what with your firm grip on the use of angles and guesswork!
  • Take turns throwing bananas at each other using your keyboard, mouse, or XBOX style gamepads.
  • Choose from 9 different characters to be destroyed as: Victor, B.O.X.M.A.N, Gortron, Model-G, Beep, Boop, Steambot, Panzeraffe, & Servoback!
  • An infinite amount of variability! A million cityscapes each with their own unique wind from a cool summer breeze to a hurricane on Jupiter. Float easy with Moon gravity or fight under the punishing force of a black hole!