Koi Unleashed

Koi Unleashed Steam (PC) Key - Global$15.99 $9.59
Published on: October 1, 2022


Koi Unleashed is an action role playing game which was released worldwide in 2020. There are 6 hero characters available for you in the game. Every hero comes with unique skills and abilities. You can pick any one of them to start the game. Koi Unleashed game gives you the feature to completely upgrade your characters. As a result, their skills and statistics will enhance and they will be able to eliminate more numbers of enemies.

When the game starts, your character will be located in a strange and unknown kind of world full of strange creatures and dragon bosses. You have to battle against them. You can make a team of 4 characters to eliminate the enemies. You have to lead this team and counter all the enemies that come your way using different tactics. Koi Unleashed is a very interesting role playing game to be featured on the Windows and Linux computer system.