Published on: October 1, 2022


Laservasion is a space shooting game being released in 2019. You will take control of the shooter spaceship to attack the enemies. You can customize and upgrade your spaceship to provide extensive damage to the enemies and to kill them in a big number. You can fire the opponents to take them down. And you have to protect yourself from the attacks and fires of the enemies. Dodge their fires or kill them before they kill you.

The Laservasion game is based on many different levels, you have to proceed the levels by killing all the enemies coming your way. You will be headed on to the next level once you kill all the enemies. In the Laservasion game, you can compete with your friends or other players sitting in different areas of the world.

Defeat them and mark your name on the game leaderboard. You will earn experience points and rewards on winning the games and there will be an increment in the level of your spaceship. Laservasion is an interesting and popular retro style space shooting game that is available to play on the computer systems.