Letters and Numbers Countdown

All games have a time limit of 30 seconds when playing against your device or in multiplayer mode. There is also a free play(practice mode) with a choice of time limits and limited scoring.

Price: Free

Published on: February 23, 2021


There are 4 games to play.

1. Letters

Try to find the longest word with a random selection of 9 letters based on your selection of the amount of vowels and consonants.

2. Numbers

In the numbers section players try to get as close to a 3 digit number as possible with a calculation based on their selection of large and small numbers.

3. Conundrum

The third part is a conundrum and players must try to find a 9 letter anagram.

4. WordMix

The word Mix round is an 8 letter anagram with a clue.

Play a daily challenge round against everyone around the world. Test and improve your word knowledge and maths skills.

Post games for others to play and play shared games to compete against real people.

Badges are awarded for achieving good results in each game. Leaderboards are available for your percentage against your device, number of total badges accumulated and daily challenge results.

Levels have been added to adjust the difficulty of the games as you improve your play.

Last Updated on February 23, 2021