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Marble Muse is a physics based indie game which was released in 2015 worldwide. In the Marble Muse game, you have to control the marble by moving the different platforms. You can not move the marble directly, just control the movement of marble by rotating the platform. Game consists of 24 thrilling levels. There are different platforms in these levels like electronic, wood or metal platforms.

You have to protect the marble from hurdles and collect the stars on your way. And there will be some hidden secrets in every level such as a red star or secret marble. These hidden secrets may be there on the bottom side of the platform, just rotate the platform upside down while controlling your marble to have a look. In the challenging mode, you have to complete the puzzle in the given time and the speed of marble will increase in this mode. Marble Muse is a very interesting game to be featured on Mac, Linux and Windows computer system.

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