It is a simple and new type of reflex game where you can tilt the device so that the arrow on the screen faces up, compete for the speed of tapping the screen at the same time with the number of designated fingers.

Price: Free

Published on: October 1, 2022


· Practice mode

It is a practice mode. Depending on the results, we will respond with a voice.

· ScoreAttack mode

I will compete for the total points with 3 challenges. There are various elements in the score. Please aim at high scores by trial and error.

· ItemStore

You can purchase items that may be advantageous for taking high scores with ScoreAttack.

30 time stoppers

Temporarily stop the time in the game.

Variety pack

Time stopper, direction warning, notice of the number of fingers It is a trial pack of 10 each.

Number of fingers notice 30 pieces

You can tell in advance the number of fingers to tap.

Direction warning 30 pieces

You can tell in advance how to tilt.