Might & Magic VI: Mandate of Heaven


Published on: October 1, 2022
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Might and Magic VI: The Mandate of Heaven is a role-playing video game developed by New World Computing. It is the sixth installment in the Might and Magic series and serves as the sequel to Might and Magic V: Darkside of Xeen. The game is played using first person perspective.

Considered a genre defining title, this game is one of the most recognized RPGs to ever exist. The game continues the storyline of Heroes of Might and Magic II. The game takes place in the fictional continent of Enroth and largely focuses on the story of the King of Enroth, being held captive by the devil like aliens called kreegans.

Seven years after the events of Heroes of Might and Magic II, the 1500-year war between the Ancients and the Kreegans has creeped its way into other planets including Enroth. Aalien space ships filled with kreegans fall from the void on the Night of Shooting Stars. In order to counter them, the king of Enroth Roland Ironfist, takes north his armies to attack these devil-like aliens. However, he is betrayed by a traitor and ends up getting captured by the Kreegans. The Keegan king establishes the Temple of Baa dedicated to ending the Ironfist regime. With their king gone, the nation of Enroth fears that Ironfists have lost the Mandate to Heaven.

The players take control of one of four characters and have to guide them in becoming the mighty heroes that the nation of Enroth needs. All of them start at around 20 years of age and receive skill penalties as they age. The game implements explorable maps unlike the grid-based maps used in the series so far. This is also the first game in the series that doesn’t offer players the choice regarding race and all players are humans. The game follows a calendar schedule that implements the day and night cycle. Due to this, several events are available only at specific times during the year. You can choose to fight battles using turn-based combat or in real time.

In addition to that, the game implements a skill point system which allows the players to improve their characters. There are different skills available to different races and more skills can be acquired through various guilds present all across Enroth. Each skill has two factors, Rank and Experience. You can increase you rank by spending your points earned in the game. Experience is divided into three levels; Normal, Expert and Master. To improve experience, you have to get training from a teacher of a particular skill.

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