Minesweeper (Simple & Classic‪)‬

Minesweeper (Simple & Classic‪) is a free to play game for IOS devices. The players need to uncover the boxes on different grids while avoiding the boxes that have mines in them.

Price: $0.99


Minesweeper (Simple & Classic‪) is a classic board game which was released in 2020. Before starting the game, you can choose the difficulty level as you want. Minesweeper (Simple & Classic‪) game consists of different sizes of grid and you have to uncover the boxes present on the grids. Just tap on the box to uncover it but keep one thing in mind that there must not be a mine in the box you tap. Otherwise the game will be all over for you. This game also provides you the feature of dark mode and a customizable toolbar.  Minesweeper (Simple & Classic‪)‬ game is specially designed for IOS devices and you can download it for free from the  Apple app store.