Mobile Werewol‪f‬

Mobile Werewol‪f‬ is a “free to play” game in which the players will take the role of werewolf. Kill and eat all the people of the strange village and protect yourself from being exposed.

Price: Free!


Mobile Werewol‪f‬ is one of the most popular board games and it was released in 2020. In this game, your character will be located in a strange kind of village and he takes the shape of a dangerous werewolf at night. The people of the village will try to burn you in the fire and you must try to protect yourself by eating all of them.

Additionally, there are some other playable roles that include cupid, seer and witch. You can play the Mobile Werewol‪f‬ game with your friends. Mobile Werewol‪f is a very interesting and fun‬ game that is available for free on the Google play store and Apple app store.