Monster Hunter: World


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Monster Hunter: World is an action role-playing game developed and published by Capcom. It is the fifth installment in the Monster Hunter franchise. The game can be played using single player and multiplayer modes.

In a fictional universe, humans and other races want to develop a New World that is separate from the old populated World. The game assigns you the role of a hunter tasked with hunting down monsters that roam around the different environments featured in the game world. You are accompanied by an assistant handler and a palico to aid you in this task. The game focuses on Elder Dragons which are giant, powerful beasts who migrate to the New World every ten years in an event known as Elder Crossing. On their way to find these monsters, the team comes across Zorah Magdaros, a mountain sized behemoth. After studying Zorah, they find out that he is dying and is migrating to a massive graveyard called Rotten Vale. On a mission to capture Zorah, the team is attacked by Nergigante, a dragon who feeds on other dragons. Your job is to drive Zorah into the ocean instead of the graveyard where its released bio-energy will form new aquatic ecosystems. You have to do this while escaping Nergigante as he wants to protect Zorah as his future meal and will do anything to sabotage your efforts to save the New World.

The game features fourteen archetypes including hammer, long sword and bow. You can purchase some basic equipment using the in-game currency but most equipment is built from the loot you get when you slay monsters and complete quests. This allows you to kill smaller, less powerful monsters to obtain loot which you can then use to craft more powerful weapons needed to slay the bigger beasts. Astera is the central hub for buying and selling goods, crafting new equipment and managing your inventory. The game also introduces a new skill system where each weapon has a rank in a specific skill and the total effects of a skill is calculated by adding up all the ranks of that skill from the equipped items.

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