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Complete Review & Description

MPSMP (the title is far too long to type in full) is a new Mini for PSP and PS3. Ostensibly, it’s a platform game; you control a little dude who jumps around on platforms. It’s a bit more literal than what you might otherwise expect when you hear “”platform game””, however, there’s only one bad guy per level and jumping on the platforms is not just your way of getting around, it’s also a large part of your objective…

Monsters, it seems, have stolen your princess. Preoccupied, you didn’t notice when your princess went missing. Assuming the worst, you set out on a monster-butt-kicking adventure in hopes of rescuing your princess from their dastardly clutches.

Accusing a monster, however, causes it to flee straight up towards the sky at great pace – fortunately there are lots of platforms in its path by which you can make chase. Touching a platform once lights it up and causes your combo to increase but if you touch it again, your combo resets to zero.

Double-jumping in the path of the monster will cause it damage and you must do this three times before he gets to the top. This is made more difficult by the fact that, when you do, he shoots upwards at great speed and you’ll need to redouble your efforts to close the gap.

The first couple of times you play it, you’ll have trouble just beating the first monster before he gets to the top. It’s not easy and the game doesn’t hold your hand as you learn the ropes. Once you get to grips with the basic mechanics and how your character controls, you’ll move past trying to catch the guy and start thinking about how to get as many platforms as you can before you finish him off. The higher the combo, the higher the score – you even get cooler “”finishing moves”” based on how high your combo is when you hit him with that last double jump.

Once you beat the six different monsters on offer (and their array of platforms) you’ll want to hit up the score attack mode. The monsters and backgrounds stay the same but the platform layout is all new, adding additional challenge to the already challenging score targets you need to hit in order to unlock the next level.

It’s quite hard, and the fact that your combo resets to zero while the monster marches on, with no hope of getting back to maximum combo and still being able to complete the level, makes it incredibly unforgiving too. The gameplay doesn’t really vary much either, with the slight quirks offered by the different types of enemies hardly enough to spice up what’s on offer.

It feels a lot like a 99c iPhone game from a year ago (you’d expect more variety from a 99c iPhone game today), making it disappointingly low value at PSN prices. It does what it does well enough, but it’s super niche and probably of interest to relatively few. It’s fun in a web-game kind of way but at this price it’s hard to recommend it.



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