Musk Life

Attempt to become as rich and infamous as Elon himself! Start out by earning money with the tap of a button for each”tweet” sent. Then reinvest your money into lucrative investment opportunities! Try to gain enough money to react the end goal of building a settlement on Mars before the real Elon Musk does!

Price: Free

Published on: April 27, 2021


Every small detail matters. This game is filled with informational items all based on Elon’s Life. Enjoy the countless of informational pieces as you play this addictive game.

Each upgrade item and Easter Egg is based on Musk’s achievements. Can you find them all? This game includes:
– 60+ collectible items
– 20+ easter eggs
– Online leaderboards
– 3 themes
– Endless references to Elon’s life
– And More!

This is an idle clicker but with a few twists. You only gain wealth while playing. You also have the chance at losing wealth while you play. So invest wisely!

Last Updated on April 27, 2021