One Finger Death Punch


One Finger Death Punch is a beat’em up action video game that was released in 2014. Game consists of different stages in which you have to battle against a huge number of enemies. Your character will possess weapons like a light sword to take the enemies down. More enemies will keep coming as you kill them. You have to attack them by pressing the right and left button of the mouse.

The right button is used to attack the enemy coming from your right side and left button for the enemy on the left hand side. After killing the enemies, you have to battle against the enemies boss. Kill him by using a different combination of your mouse buttons.  There are multiplayer playing modes in the game and you can select the difficulty level according to your choice. The number of enemies in the game depends on the difficulty level you set.

One Finger Death Punch 3D game is available to play on the PlayStation, Xbox and mobile phone. You can download the game for free from the Google play store and Apple store and you must have a mobile phone with android version of 5.2 or more to play the game.