Published on: October 2, 2022


Ostrofa is an action adventure survival game being released in 2020. Your character will be located on an island and you have to fight for his survival. You have to explore the area in order to find some fruits to eat. You can also set a trap to capture the fishes in the sea. Because food is the basic necessity to survive. You have to find the hidden treasures and chests on this island.

You may find some weapons and tools in the chests, which will help you in fighting against the enemies. Because there are many other players and dangerous animals present on the island. You can collect the pieces of wood to start a fire. Then the dangerous animals will remain away from you because of the fire.

You also have to make a shelter for yourself to stay safe. You can make a shelter with the help of bamboo sticks. You will find many blue crystals on the island, collect them up. They will help you to win the game. The player who collects more crystals will be considered as the winner. You can play the Ostrofa game on your Windows computer system.