Phalanx of Resistance



Phalanx of Resistance is a strategic tower defense game being released in 2020  In this game, you have to make your base towers and protect them from the attacks of enemies as there is a huge number of enemies present in the game. Make turrets to watch the movement of the enemy so that you can attack them. You have to protect your towers in any condition while destroying the opponent towers with the help of heavy weapons and vehicles.

The Phalanx of Resistance game is based on different missions. There are a total number of 50 missions available in the game. As you make progress in these missions, the game will get difficult as the number of enemies will increase. You also have to kill the enemy bosses and find resources for yourself and your time so that you can survive for a long period of time. Phalanx of Resistance game is available to play on the Windows PC.

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