PocketCars is a fast paced arcade combat-racing game, where you can drive RC cars that speed through amazing tracks. From real-life obstacles to outstanding off-road abilities, maneuverability and boost capacity of the realistic looking vehicles, an amazing racing experience await for you.


Each car can be equipped with two different weapons. Choose your strategy before the race to take one step ahead of your opponents. Avoid the traps, upgrade your driving skills and use your weapons wisely to complete the challenges.

Key features:

  • season based single player events with 141 challenge
  • 4 different environment includes 20 tracks to play
  • 8 physic engine simulated cars
  • 7 different tire
  • 12 unique weapons, like Rocket, Mine, EMP, and many more…
  • car customization
  • controller support
  • 4 player split-screen multiplayer