Realpolitiks II


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Realpolitiks II is a real time grand strategy game developed by Jujubee S.A. The game serves as a successor to 2017 game Realpolitiks. 

The game assigns you the role of a Politician who has to deploy different tactics in order to attain total dominance over other nations. The game features a contemporary setting where you have to deal with modern world issues like terrorism and pandemics and the leader with the best ability to solve these issues will eventually reign supreme. 

The game features comprehensive nation building tools in order to devise and implement an effective strategy to rule the world. The game lets you handle several different aspects including diplomacy, economy, defense and espionage. Compared to previous iteration, you now have a much more refined and detailed control over all of these aspects. 

Diplomacy now includes features like military access, trade agreements and defensive pacts. You can engage in advanced negotiations that allow you establish new trade routes and whatnot. The game also adds new Favor and Invesment systems allowing you to manipulate and influence the leaders of other countries.  The combat system has also been completely overhauled and now gives you complete command over all aspects of the battle. You now have to devise strategies by taking into account factors like weather, terrain and unit formation among others. In addition to the land and air systems, the game now features a sea combat system that lets you take control of important naval landmarks. Additionally, espionage is deeper than ever with spies having more skills to effectively penetrate enemies ranks. 

The game features three different campaigns offering you several weeks worth of gameplay. In addition to that, the native support for modding allows you to get access to features not enabled by default and customize the experience exactly to your liking. 

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