Remember, Lights Out


Can you survive using just your memory? Play this short and sweet game to put your memory to the test!

Light is your resource, and it will disappear over time. As you collect orbs, your world will go dark. You’ll have to remember the level’s design to find the escape.

Disappear through one door and into the next with your cute box character. Navigate level by level as you dig deeper into the world of Remember, Lights Out. Solve harder mazes with each door, and avoid enemies and obstacles blocking your path.

NO micro transactions or ads. Simply pay once and pick up Remember, Lights Out whenever you want to relax and work out your brain. Come play an enjoyable game you can finish in one sitting!

If you are sick of micro-transactions, this game is for you. Simply buy now and own an amazing game forever.

There are NO on-screen controls, making this game clean and clutter-free. You will tap the screen to move:
—Touch the left or right side of the screen to move
—Double-tap to jump
—Destroy enemies by jumping on top of them

Train your memory and improve your focus. Maintaining a strong memory is hard these days — practice now in this fun and challenging game.

Play this stunning puzzle platformer in one sitting. This pay once, own forever game is a must have for anybody who likes simple and short puzzle platformers. Most players take 20 minutes to an hour to challenge all 40 levels.

Remember, Lights Out will take your breath away. You’ll use orbs to guide your way through each level.

Key features:
—Given the whole level then goes dark except for the orbs
—Each orb you collect makes the world dark
—Light is a resource that goes away over time
—After you collect all the orbs, you must remember the level and find the door

Explore the minimalist aesthetics of this Lights Out world! Complete levels to reveal beautiful effects. Enjoy the dark aesthetic that is pleasing to the eye. Play Remember, Lights Out — out now.

If you want a short and speedy game, challenge the 40 levels of Remember, Lights Out now!