SeegaT3 – Modern 3×3 Seega

Seegat3 – Modern 3×3 Seega is a “free to play” board game featuring on IOS devices. Tap on the color pieces to drag them on 3*3 grid square. Make a complete line of the same color to win the game. 

Price: Free!

Published on: October 1, 2022


Seegat3 – Modern 3×3 Seega is a board game which was released in 2013. In the game, two players will have red and blue color pieces respectively and they need to place these pieces on 3*3 grid. Place the pieces to make a line of the same color. You can make this line in any direction and this will finish the game successfully. You can tap on the color pieces to move from one place to the other. Seegat3 – Modern 3×3 Seega provides you the feature to play against the system or any other player.

Seegat3 – Modern 3×3 Seega game is specially designed for IOS devices and it is available for free on the Apple app store. You need a mobile phone with IOS version 9.0.0 or more to play the game.