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Complete Review & Description

For people new to this game, Skullgirls 2nd Encore is a 2D fighter that borrows a lot inspiration from the Capcom range of fighting games. But despite what the name implies, SG2E is just the latest version of the original game, rather than a full blown sequel.
You can buy the additional fighters for the previous version in a very similar fashion to Capcom’s Street Fighter 4’s version changes; and the fighting mechanics strongly resemble Capcom’s Marvel vs Capcom titles with its six button layout, push back blocking, along with the teams of three fighters.

What’s good about this is that as it matches nearly every other 2D fighter that use these controls to some degree – making SG2E easy to dive into. Even when it quickly degenerates into a frantic button masher, it’s still quite fun.
SG2E’s roster is made up of an eclectic cast, including four new characters, like a shapeshifter named Double, it takes on the appearance of different characters for various moves. Other strange characters include the umbrella wielding priestess named Parasoul, a circus star named Cerebella, and an Egyptian named Eliza who wields a huge staff and transforms into a sphinx. Each character has a unique story to play through. Unfortunately, the stories are quite short; only taking about six fights to finish. The final boss, Marie, also known as Skullgirl; is an unassuming looking gothic lolita character – even in “”sleepwalk”” (the lowest difficulty) – she will give you a run for your money.
Next up we have the arcade mode, in which players can mix up the characters into teams of up to three. The fewer the characters you go with, the more powerful they will be – something to consider when you’re going three on one. This keeps the game nice and balanced.

Last of the main single player modes is survival, in this mode you can take a team of up to three characters fight through endless matches until your team is defeated. Each round revives any character that fell in the previous one. However, they will have little health – just enough to be useful as a support fighter.
Of course, no fighting game is complete without multiplayer and on this front SG2E is packing the usual options: local, ranked and unranked online matches, and a tournament mode for professional gaming tournaments. The highlight of multiplayer is the local; sitting on a couch with a friend, no doubt breaking out into a real life brawl when your sore loser friend gets dominated one too many times.
Further down the menu you have training offering up some lessons on how to pull off the various move combinations. In addition, the challenge battle offers up a selection of 25 battles for teams of up to three to play against pre-selected CPU opponents who will have an advantage; for example, in the first challenge battle, you start with 80 percent health, while they start at 100 and their health regenerates. There are 25 challenge battles in all, ending in a 100% vs 300% health battle. Yes, those are more than a challenge… more like, “no way am I going to beat these.” They can still be fun to attempt though.

The settings menu features options to adjust everything from time limits, to frame delay, which allows you to tweak your online fighting experience in case you are experiencing lag. In addition, you can switch the announcer’s voice between male, female, dazed, and soviet. My favourite voice is dazed because it makes the announcer sound drunk.
Each character has voice overs from professional voice actors, making this one of the best indie fighting games out there, vocal-wise. The script is also very funny with puns for nearly every character. Unfortunately, the voice overs are – more often than not – drowned out by the music, especially during cut scenes. Moreover, turning down the music in the setting menu doesn’t affect the music in the story mode. As if that wasn’t enough, you have to turn the volume down every time you launch the game. That might get patched, however there is really no excusing a game that came out several years ago still having these problems.

When it comes to visuals, everything is hand drawn, and has a certain roughness about it. From the animated cut-scenes in the story mode; they are the artist’s drawings panned over by the camera to great effect. It looks unique, and unique is definitely good.
Overall Skullgirls 2nd Encore is good if you’re looking for a new 2D fighter which is relatively fast-paced, has easy to master gameplay, and a roster full of strange and hilarious characters. Although this is one has been out for a while now on various other platforms. Even if you have got it already, I highly recommend it on the current generation consoles.



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