– Fun Online Slither

Grow your snake worm the biggest in this fun action game. Strike the worms on their head and then eat them to grow your snake. Protect your snake and survive longest to make your way to the game’s leaderboard.

Price: Free!

Category: – Fun Online Slithe is a fun action game being released worldwide in 2020. You will play the game as a small snake worm which will get bigger as the game progresses. You will need to eat other worms and snakes to grow him bigger. Just hit them on their head and they will break in the form of pixels and then you can eat them in pieces.

Additionally, you also have to protect yourself from their attacks because they will also try to eat you. Survive as long as possible and make your place in the game leaderboard. – Fun Online Slithe is really an epic game and you can download it anytime for free from the Apple app store and Google play. This game is only compatible with the mobile phone having the android version of 4.1.0.