Solar Rogue



Something went wrong. While you were exploring uncharted space an unknown wormhole took you off course. What you do know is that your warp engine aren’t powerful enough to open it again. Use what you have, look for ressources and try to find a way back to civilization.

  • Transform items into energy to survive
  • Fight enemies
  • Use your energy to craft new weapons and ships
  • Go through 12 increasingly difficult solar systems until your reach the ultimate artifact
  • Run back up with the artifact to complete the game and record your high-score
  • Now do it again and try to beat your best score!

The game is in Alpha Version and will be updated regularly to add more content and fix any issues. It already features :

  • 18 unique ships
  • hundreds of weapons
  • dozens of utility, shields and tools that combines to create unique synergies
  • Many different celestial objects like planets, suns, anomalies and more
  • 12 main levels and 3 optional branches
  • 3 races each with unique characteristics and story

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