Sudoku – Training Your Brain

In 2021, millions of people are playing Sudoku games. They are constantly training their brains through Sudoku games. In 2022, there will be more than ten million people training their brains through Sudoku games.

Price: Free

Published on: May 19, 2021


This is a Free Sudoku game, which contains a number of difficulty levels, each level is specially designed to help you grow from a novice Sudoku master, your brain will become more sensitive.
This game also contains a daily challenge, so that you have different puzzles in your daily challenge, making you smarter and more flexible.

In addition to the level challenge mode, there is also endless mode, through which you can carry out different challenges. Very suitable for beginners and advanced players of the classic Sudoku. Whether you want to relax or keep your mind active – pass the time in a pleasant way!
This is a leisure puzzle Sudoku game, which not only allows you to pass the time, but also makes your thinking more flexible and active in the fragmented time. If you insist on playing for a period of time, I believe you will grow up.
In the game, you can identify each uncertain number, you can also click a number, so that you can clearly see the location of each same number, when you really can’t reason out, you can also use prompt props.
Seemingly simple numbers, which contains infinite thinking, careful logic, the fun of solving problems, can be reflected in this Sudoku game, you also quickly try to experience the charm of numbers!
We will add more game modes later, such as 4×4 and 6×6, please look forward to it.
We hope you like the puzzle Sudoku game.

Last Updated on May 19, 2021