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Complete Review & Description

Tengami is a world in two dimensions: a side-scrolling puzzler set inside a pop-up book. It’s so flat that when your protagonist turns side on he disappears from view. Hills and caves and rivers and even seas are folded away into the pages of the book.
As far as gameplay goes Tengami is incredibly simple. You just click where to go and then click and hold to fold pages or pull tabs, just like in a real pop-up book. Even the act of getting in and out of a boat is handled by folding a tab over. The puzzles are quite simple and intuitive, but may take a bit of mental agility.

You will travel through three lands set in a stylised version of ancient Japan, searching for lost cherry blossoms to replant on a dying cherry tree that represents your dreams. Each blossom, when found, will give you a haiku.
Tengami is a relaxing game. Perhaps not to the extent of Journey or Flower, but a game that you do not need to stress about, with no fear of dying or needing to time jumps or action sequences. It won’t take long either, maybe only and hour if you are quick on the puzzles. There’s a hint system to help you out, but ignore it if you want the experience to last longer.
It’s a very slow game. Your character moves at a slow pace through the world; sometimes achingly slow. At times I just wanted him to run, but this is not a game played at a high tempo.

Some of the puzzles are actually more difficult than you might think and require memory too (or a piece of paper to write on). And remember to watch the folds in the paper, they aren’t just an interesting design feature or brilliant way to transition between levels.
You can fold the pages back and forth to move between levels. Doing so is quite magical. The folds actually work, it isn’t some trick of the computer. You can see how each fold creates the next scene. Even the boat you travel in looks like the ones you probably made as a kid. The game’s creators even make looking down a well a beautiful and clever experience.

It’s the length of the game that makes me say that you should wait for Tengami to be on sale before you buy it. While I had fun playing it, I wanted more and was actually surprised when I reached the end. On the flip side, this will not be a game you leave unfinished.
I feel also that Tengami is a game that would be better played on a tablet, to give you a sense of actually turning the pages, of discovering what’s inside this magical book. At certain times, if you go exploring, you can find



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