Ultimate Wall Defense Force



Ultimate Wall Defense Force is a single-player action game made for VR. Step into a superhero fantasy inspired by outrageous anime fights. You must guard The Wall protecting humanity by yielding powers from the last Blaster. With ultimate abilities in the palms of your hands, fly through the city to eliminate an onslaught of enemy Geodites and giant Geobosses, leaving destruction in your wake.

Epic Battles

  • With powers inspired by anime icons, challenge yourself to kill enemies as fast as you can and take down galactic bosses to defend The Wall.
  • Play in immersive VR. Fly high through the skyline, weave inbetween buildings, skim the streets and soar into the clouds.

Ultra Powerful Abilities

  • One-punch enemies, shoot an array of finger beams, unsheath a laser sword, blast huge energy bombs, and so much more.
  • Activate Super Mode! Collect firey orbs to unleash your ultimate form and increase your abilities to epic proportions.

Destructable Environment

  • Interact with the deserted cityscape around you.
  • Pick up and throw light posts, ignite car fires, and demolish skyscrapers to rubble.

Discover Customizable Collectibles

  • Find a rainbow of hidden power orbs to change your abilities to the color of your choice.
  • Pick your Battle Soundtrack. Pop casette tapes into the boombox to change up your music. Search for tapes scattered throughout the city.

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