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Complete Review & Description

Worms: Battlegrounds is the franchises’ first appearance on the next-gen systems and it’s… basically another Worms game, like every Worms game that came before it. This is a series that is almost twenty years old and has been on almost every platform imaginable. From a fundamental gameplay perspective, this is the same game it was in 1995, but with a much more high-end paint job.

The artstyle remains the same as always, but with a variety of fun backgrounds for the maps, there’s no denying Worm’s charm and personality. This is both in the levels and the various characters your worms can be, and the actions they take. Watching the silly things the various worms do always puts a smile on your face. This is helped by the adorable voices and fun background music.

So what does this addition bring to the table that’s new? Well nothing really, at least not from a gameplay perspective. There are about 25 maps, a heck of a lot of weapons or tools to choose from, and the same cute personality with turn-based strategic combat.

There’s a single-player campaign and the regular multiplayer options you’d expect. For anyone not familiar with the series (not entirely sure how that’d be possible at this point, but whatever, let’s roll with it), you take control of a small squad of worms, with your goal being to kill the enemy players’ worms before they kill yours. Each player gets their turn to control a worm, select the weapon they want to use and make tactical decisions. There’s also a good amount of geometry at play, as many weapons require you to angle your shots and choose how much power to fire with. Getting the right arc to toss a grenade and making it land in the right spot is almost as much an art as it is a science.

Most players take some time to get used to this and at first, you will usually end up killing your own worms by accident. Firing a rocket launcher too close, hitting the wall in front of you, or mistaking some of the background art as part of the level and end up jumping off a ledge to your worm’s doom.

The thing about Worms games is that playing against other players is all based on your experience with the series. If you are a veteran players, you will usually crush someone newish to the series, because you’d have a better understanding of the controls and physics. So new vs new is great, and veteran vs veteran is great. Anything outside of that is usually unfairly one-sided and not much fun.

With that said, nineteen years later Worms is still a fun game overall, if it is a series that appeals to you. It’s one of the best examples of “more of the same”, as it really is the same game as everyone before it. If you enjoy the series, and like having new versions, with new maps, weapons and prettier graphics, then go nuts, there’s nothing to not like here. If Worms has never been your thing, or you want some kind of evolution of the formulae, you won’t be finding that here. Based on that, the score for this game is very much depending on your feelings for the series overall. I’m going to assume that if you’re reading this, you probably have a positive interest in the series, hence the number you see below.



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