Project Zomboid Farming Guide

This guide will let you know about Project Zomboid Farming. You will be able to farm a lot in 10 minutes. 

You’ll need to start farming a character; you can choose any old occupation. Take farmers and get a significant plus three boosts to your farming skill, giving you an added benefit of seeing more information while your crops are growing like hydration level growth phase any potential diseases.

You have to take care that taking this occupation will also grant you both plant treatment recipes. You can also take the gardener trait for a plus one boost of farming, and this also grants you both treatment recipes from the start. 

If you don’t take farming as your occupation, you can grab a gardener and have those treatments ready using the right tools. It can be the difference between an excellent long-lasting farm and the amount of dirt trampled by zombies. 

If you can find yourself a travel shovel or a garden fork, you have to equip the tool you want to use. You have to right-click on the dirt tile and select the dig furrow. To have rows of harvestable crops, you want to space these out, which prevents diseases from spreading as much, and it makes it harder for the occasional intruder to trample all your hard work.

Another essential tool in your arsenal is water. Naturally, plants need to be watered and amassing massive stacks of water to keep your crops alive, which is not difficult. If you live next to a body of water or a well or are not close to the water source, you need to grab containers like cooking pots and buckets to fill them with water.

While you can still freely access it or leave them all outside to collect rainwater, assuming you don’t have a rain collector by the time the water shuts off. You have your land tilled, your bucket’s filled, and you’ve got seeds to spill.

Sheds already have some seed packets, but the mother lode is in warehouses, and you will also find many seeds in warehouses. Once you have the seeds, you need to plant them, right-click on them and select the open packet.

After that, right-click on the farmed tile you’ve selected, click Sow seed and then choose the seed you want to plant. You have to wait a while because the faces of plant growth are slow and tedious, and you cannot view them until you are at a higher level. On average, these seeds grow at record speeds of 23 days.

Some outlier carrots take an average of 15 days to grow, and Broccoli takes about a month of caring for these things until you can harvest them through this month. You’ll see five phases of growth: the first one is seedling, the second is the young, the third is fully grown, four is ready to harvest, and five is seed-bearing.

The only difference between ready to harvest and seed-bearing is you will be sacrificing some of your harvests and instead get seeds. It will be helpful if you want to keep living, but if you are in absolute dire need of food and are about to starve or die in the apocalypse, you can go ahead and harvest.

You can also use fertilizers to skip 20 hours of your crops growing; however, it will destroy your plants if you use it four to five times. So there is a way to make fertilizers, and to make these fertilizers, you need a carpentry level of two five planks and four nails to build a composter. You dump your rotten fruits and vegetables into it and wait for your homemade fertilizer to be ready.

If your seeds are not growing well, you first need to determine whether they’re afflicted by mildew or insects. Mildew will cause your plants to grow slower than usual, and insects cause your plants to consume an absurd amount of water. Both of these can become dangerous, leading to your crop’s death.

To combat these harmful threats, you’ll need to read the farming magazine or take the profession or trait so that you can be able to craft the appropriate sprays. To prepare the insecticide spray, you’ll need a spray can, three units of water, and five cigarettes. To craft the mildew spray, you’ll need a spray can and milk, or you can also use rotten dairy, which will work just milk, so now apply these as needed until the threat is over.

For the harmful disease, you will have to uproot your plants that are the only ones to cure this disease, called devil’s water fungi. It usually attacks already sick plants that have been left alone for a while. As long as you keep your mildew and insects to a minimum, you won’t have any problems with this stinky water stuff.

To cure it, you have to dig up the plant; otherwise, it’ll spread to all your other plants without discrimination. You will also need to keep zombies away from your crops because their blood will immediately cause your plants to become sick. Zombies will also trample your crops and sometimes hide in them. To secure your crops, you need to apply fences around your crops.

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