Put f1 Wheels on Any Car in GTA 5 Online

In this guide, you will know how to do the F1 wheels glitch on any car in GTA V. You have to follow the given guide to do this amazing and easiest glitch in GTA V. It is worth knowing the glitch, and you can have more fun with the game.

It’s a very cool and easiest glitch of the game. Unfortunately, this glitch works only on PC. If you are a console user, this will work as a car duplication glitch, and you cannot merge the F1 wheels. To do this glitch, you need a new car workshop with the F1 wheels

Afterward, you need another vehicle on which you want to have F1 wheels. Once you are outside the car, you need to leave the car and go to your Style option. Change your outfit and then go back to the workshop. You need to make sure that you have a spawn location. Then get in your F1 and enter the body shop by pressing the d-pad or q button.

You may change the Livery of the car. After changing the Livery, you have to click on the pause button. Then go to the Online section and come up to the FInd New Session

Afterward, you will spawn on the location which you had selected. If you spawned outside of the workshop, you need to come up to it. Now go to your Menu and then to the Vehicles option. Then click on the Return Personal Vehicle to Storage

You will have your other F1 car here. If you are playing GTA V on the console, then you will have your duplicate car. By applying these steps, you can duplicate any of your cars in the game.

If you are playing on the PC, you can do these same steps, and you can also have your duplicate car in GTA V. If you want to do the merge glitch, you need to get in the spawned car. Then keep pressing the Q key to modify the vehicle and get outside of the workshop with your vehicle.  

Now head over to Los Santos custom, and you will be able to put on the wheels or rims or everything you want to put. 

Here go to the Wheels option and put whatever you want to. You can change your rims colors, tire designs, bulletproof tires, tire smoke or whatever you want to change. After making the changes, go to your Menu and then to the Vehicles option. And click on the Creator option. 

Now you need to start up an Invite Only Session. Go to the Online section. Here come up to the Play GTA Online option and then click on the Invite Only Section

Then go to your car, which you parked outside of the workshop earlier. Here you got your car with F1 wheels, as you can see in the image below. The car has an F1 wheel.  

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