QUB3D and Axe of Fury Arcade Games Guide – GTA Online

With the new summer special update in GTA online, you can unlock eight new t-shirts and two arcade trophies by completing the challenges of new arcade games: QUB3D and Axe of fury.


You will need to complete 4 Awards to unlock five t-shirts and a trophy in the arcade office.

King of Qub3d: You have to get first place on the QuB3D leaderboard.

QuBism: You will need to reach level 20 in Qub3d without using special abilities.

QuBits: You have to reach level 20 without removing any blocks from play.

God of QuB3d: Get a score of 39000 in a single play of QuB3D.

QuB3D is an arcade game that made its first appearance in GTA IV and Episodes from Liberty City.

The game’s main goal is based on Puyo; it is to match up coloured blocks into groups of four or more before they fill up the grid. Just like the GTA IV achievement/trophy, for King of QuB3D challenge, you will need to beat the high score of 10, 940.

Special abilities are only available once you have filled up the power bar by stacking four blocks of the same colour to form the shape of a square.

You are allowed to fill your power bar as long as you don’t activate any special ability.

Remember that you can always see the colours of the next blocks, which will allow you to strategize your moves.

You must try to organize your blocks to clear multiple lines in a single move; it will increase the score multiplier.

The game gets faster as your score increases and blocks with new colors will be introduced.

Yellow blocks will appear from level 5 onwards, purple blocks from level 10, and orange blocks from level 15. Reaching level 20 will take around 15 minutes, and if you don’t use any special ability, you will be able to complete both King Of QUB3D and Qubism in a single run.

The challenge Qubits requires the player to reach level 20 without removing any blocks from play.

In this game, the falling blocks will be removed from the grid if positioned on the higher level as the other is locked in place.

It usually happens when you try to rotate the two falling blocks at the last moment, right before they’ve been placed.

To complete the challenge, you will need to avoid letting blocks disappear this way and reach level 20.

It’s advised to use special abilities; they will make reaching level 20 much easier.

For the challenge God of QUB3D, you need to get a score of 19000 points in a single run.

You always have to try to clear multiple lines in a single move and fill the power bar by forming squares so you can use special abilities when things become unmanageable.

You can fill up the power bar after forming four large square-shaped blocks.

A maximum of three Abilities can be stored for future use by repeatedly filling up the power bar.

It’s advised to use the first special ability, which removes all blocks from the bottom four rows (Circle on PS4/B on Xbox/Right Click on PC)

Or the third special ability that removes all blocks of a selected color from the game grid (Square on PS4/X on Xbox / Left Click on PC).

Remember to save your special abilities for later if you don’t need them.

It may take a few tries, but you can easily score 19000 points, even before reaching level 25-in less than 20 minutes if you strategize your moves.


You will need to complete two awards to unlock three t-shirts and a trophy in the Arcade office.


You have to get the highest score in Axe of Fury.

11 11

Get the highest score in Axe of Fury 11 times.

Axe of Fury is a heavy metal-themed high striker machine where you have to swing an axe-shaped hammer on a button that measures your strength.

You will need to charge your swing meter by repeatedly tapping X on PS4/A on Xbox One / Enter key on PC. Then you have to time your swing to when the arrow on your meter reaches the red section (around the middle).

You need to score 1100 points eleven times.

Remember that the difficulty can vary, depending on how you did building up the meter. 

Just be ready to press the button as soon as the guitar in the background starts playing.

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