Quick Way to Get Taoist Skin “Sneaky Magician” in Soul Knight

This guide will let you know the quickest way to get Taoist skin “Sneaky Magician” in Soul Knight. 

According to Soul Knight’s Chinese banner, the fragment will drop from these three mage-type monsters.

They only appear in normal maps from 2-2 to 2-5. But in this guide, we found that the drop rate is quite low. 

So that advantage of the challenge buffs in the Tasks boards and multiplayer to increase the drop rate.

If you’re an android, you will need to refer to co-op with Zero Tier.

Following are some challenging buffs that will help you increase your drop rate: 

Even after applying, the drop rate is still low.

But once it appears, it’ll drop out a lot.

The friend just gave up and got all eight pieces. It is an opportunity to call a friend to grind a game with.

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