Raider Origin Codes

Raider Origin is a massively multiplayer online role-playing game that was released in 2019. You can compete against your friends and other online players on cross-server battlefields. Earn a huge amount of loot after taking down the anime bosses. The game is designed with smooth gameplay that you can enjoy with only one hand. Raider Origin is available for free on the Apple app store and Google play store.  

Raider Origin CodesRewards
RAIDER9999Use it to get 88.88K Gold, 10 Pet Upgrading Bolus, 2 Offline Grinding Card, and 2 1.5X XP Potion.
RAIDER7777Use it to get 88 B-diamonds, Solo Challenge Tokens, and other exclusive rewards.
Raider2ndUse it to get 30 B-diamonds and other exclusive rewards.

How to Redeem code in Raider Origin?

Follow the steps below to redeem the codes in Raider Origin:

  • First you have to  Go to the Welfare option located on the top left corner of the game screen.
  • Now you have to navigate and choose the Pack Exchange option.
  • After that you have to Copy  the code and paste it into the Redeem Code option.
  • Now after that you have to Click on the “Redeem”  button and then you will get the reward in the game.
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