Ranking All 6 Assassin Brawlers in Solo Showdown

This guide will find you all the stats about all six Assassin brawlers in Solos Showdown. 

#6 Assassin brawler is Edgar!     

Edgar is a powerful and fun assassin brawler, but he struggles at high trophy ranges because of streamers. You must play Edgar mostly on showdown maps with enough walls and choke points for Edgar to safely use super!  

#5 Assassin brawler is Mortis! 

Mortis stays strong and consistently top tier in the showdown, even with his nerf in recent changes. Mortis is amazing to play aggressively with and very rewarding to do so! A scared Mortis player will lose very often 1v1! 

#4 Best assassin brawlers are the Crown! 

Focus with the Crown on getting your super; Once you have that ready, you know that nothing is impossible. His super is so intense and very satisfying! While it can also be super good as defense, never underestimate a crow’s power!

#3 Assassin brawler is STU! 

#2 Assassin brawler is Leon!

Leon and his ability to go invisible and destroy enemies unexpectedly with insane strong gadgets and star powers. No wonder why he is such an amazing assassin brawler, always consistently top tier in a showdown! 

#1 Assassin brawler is Buzz!

Buzz super is so strong and even more in this frank meta. He is the best counter to Frank because he can always get instantaneous in the right range when he wants, which makes it easy for the buzz to absolutely dominate.   

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