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In this guide, we have ranked all the devil fruits in descending order.

First requirement to buy devil fruit is to get robux.

Go to gamesloot.com and log in by just entering your roblox username.

Disable ad blocker if you have. Complete quiz or survey, if there’s any.

Then use the promo code: VIDEO837 for more coins.

To claim it, complete at least one survey, more promo codes on their youtube. After applying this code, you will get your coins.

Now go to stores.

Then click the guide and watch that youtube video to know how to redeem your robux.

#29 Wolf

Wolf is still the worst devil fruit and no moves have been revamped.

#28 Giraffe

Giraffe is only a comment on bad devil fruit.

#27 Leopard

The best move of Leopard is Roar. Other moves and damages are not great.

#26 Bomb

Bomb devil fruit has a decent range and damage is better among the last devil fruits. The last move has a good range so it is decent for grinding.

#26 Buddha

Buddha damage is low and range is not big. I think they should buff buddha + revamp it. Sadly because of low damage and range, it is on the 25th spot.

#24 Barrier

Barrier fruit is mostly trolling fruit and also damage is not even that great, so take it as a troll fruit. By the way, they made the stairs move longer.

#23 Paw

Paw moves and damage are just good.

#22 Human

Human best form is monster, it helps a lot in grinding.

There are other forms, but I suggest not to use them because they are not at useful.

#21 venom

Venom, the worst devil fruit, is rare. Interestingly the no transform and transform moves just have damage difference.

#20 Shadow

The damage of the shadow is good. But it is only meant for AFK farming/grinding.

#19 Sand

Sand moves have some stun, so it is decent for pvp and farming because it has some good range.

#18 Love

It used to be very op when it was new but after updates it got nerfed. Love fruit also has stun but it lasts longer the moves range are mid close.

#17 Flame

On the next spot we have flame, its damage is decent. But the range of its attacks are good, especially the fireball attack.

#16 Ice

After the flame we have ice. Ice can freeze/stun and can walk on water. If they made ice from uncommon to rare and buff the damage it would be a great pvp fruit. Range is pretty good and damage is decent, still good fruit.

#15 Phoenix

Phoenix is a pretty good fruit and has two forms. But it has no fast healing abilities and the speed of full form and half form flying the same.

#14 Gum

Now if we talk about gum, it has 2 gears, 2nd gear, 4th gear and normal one. The good thing about 2nd gear is it has the fastest cool down which is very helpful in grinding. And about gear 4th, it has good damage plus an auto aim move and flying ability, so gum good for pvp both and grinding.

#13 Light

Light is the fastest flying fruit, best for finding fruits and traveling. Light has only 3 attack moves, all three moves has good range and damage is decent, i think it should be buff little.

#12 Magma

Magma used to be the best fruit for AFK farming in the past. But after updates it got revamp, but it’s still good. Magama damage and range is pretty good with the fruit you can still farm.

#11 Dark

On the next move we have Dark! The first move stone of dark hass pretty good damage. Dark’s other move’s range and damage is also big. Fruit like this is good for farming and raid mode.

#10 Snow

On the 10th spot we have snow. Snow was top level fruit but it got nerfed. Despite getting nerfed, snow is still good because of its pvp type moves, the moves range are so good. Snow is an all rounder fruit I would say because it’s good for pvp, farming and raid mode.

#9 Gravity

On the next spot we have Gravity, it has mid range and high to mid damage. Pretty good in pvp but also has only three moves.

#8 Allo

Next is Allo, Allo is a mini version of spino fruit. Allo only has two moves which are quite less. But both moves range and damage are awesome. The last move, hunt mode allows you to increase your damage on 1 person only. Means only to that person you can do extra 1.5x extra damage.

#7 String

String hit boxes are small but damage is very good and with Twin move the hitbox/ range and damage increases. And the string path the traveling move is faster than dragon if you use it correctly. It’s a pvp fruit not for farming/grinding.

#6 Ope

Ope is the king of its own ring. Ope is made for PvP and it’s great for bounty hunting. With Ope you can camp in a safe zone area and kill the players outside of safe zone, that’s why it’s best for bounty hunting.

#5 Quack

Quack is a devil fruit with the biggest range move and high damage. Quack’s last move Tsunami can take 60% of health. This fruit is best for pvp and raid mode but for farming not good.

#4 Rumble

A fruit which gives high damage and a big range at a cheap cost is Rumble. Rumble is one of the best fruits which are easily affordable. Last two moves have epic damage and range.

#3 Spino

Now you are at the top 3 list as known as legendary tier. On the third spot, we have spino. The spinio range and damage is epic. Pretty epic for pvp and it’s good for farming too. Spino increases your health by x2 and also it increases your every move damage by 1.5x when you go in hunt mode.

#2 Dough

Dough highest damage dealing fruit and best for combat. The reason of being dough above spino nis Dough is more fast and moveable in other side spino is slow.

Dough moves are mid to long range and deals high damage. Dough spin is only a transportable move but it’s limited.

#1 Dragon

Dragon is the number 1 devil fruit, dragon also increases your health by x2 and does not let you heal until you transform. Dragon is fully flying fruit , all attacks are flying attacks. All attacks are flying attacks so it increases the range. And you know the damage is epic. Dragon is also getting reworked too so it will be more insane i guess.

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