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If you’re a player of King Legacy on Roblox, you are likely acquainted with the concept of Devil Fruits. These exceptional fruits provide their users with distinct abilities, ranging from manipulating fire, ice, or gravity, among others. The purpose of this article is to categorize all the Devil Fruits in the game from S-tier (the most exceptional) to F-tier (the least exceptional).

What is the best fruit for grinding in King Legacy?

Because of its quick cooldown and auto-aim move, the Gum fruit is an excellent choice for grinding in King Legacy. Also, its Gear 4th move is beneficial in PvP. But, bear in mind that alternative fruits, whether for PvP, farming, or raid mode, may better fit your desired playstyle. It’s usually a good idea to try new fruits and find what works best for you.


  • Ope: This Devil Fruit allows you to create a “room” that can manipulate objects and people within its boundaries. It’s great for PvP and bounty hunting, as you can trap and attack other players.
  • Quack: With the ability to create massive waves of water, this Devil Fruit is deadly in PvP and raid mode. It’s not recommended for farming, though.


  • String: While not great for farming, String is a powerful PvP fruit that can deal high damage and increase its hitbox/range with the Twin move.
  • Snow: Despite being nerfed, Snow is still a versatile fruit that can be used for PvP, farming, and raid mode. Its moves have good range and stun effects.


  • Dark: This Devil Fruit has good range and damage, making it ideal for farming and raid mode. It’s also a decent choice for PvP.
  • Magma: Although it’s not as good as it used to be, Magma is still a solid fruit for farming and raid mode. Its damage and range are decent.


  • Gum: Gum has a fast cooldown and an auto-aim move, making it useful for grinding. Its Gear 4th move is also good for PvP.
  • Light: The fastest flying fruit in the game, Light is great for exploring and finding fruits. Its three moves have good range and decent damage.


  • Phoenix: While it has two forms and decent damage, Phoenix lacks fast healing abilities and its flying speed is the same in both forms.
  • Ice: Although it can freeze/stun enemies and walk on water, Ice’s damage is only decent and its range could be better.


  • Gravity: With mid-range and mid-to-high damage, Gravity is decent in PvP. However, it only has three moves.
  • Allo: This mini version of the Spino fruit has two powerful moves with good range and damage. Its last move allows you to do extra damage to one person.


  • Wolf: The worst Devil Fruit in the game, Wolf has not been updated and its moves are not very effective.
  • Giraffe: A lacklustre Devil Fruit with no notable strengths.
  • Leopard: While its Roar move is good, Leopard’s other moves and damage are not great.
  • Bomb: Decent for grinding, but not much else.
  • Buddha: With low damage and range, this fruit could use a buff.
  • Barrier: Mostly used for trolling and not very effective in combat.
  • Paw: A decent fruit with good moves and damage, but not outstanding.
  • Human: The monster form is useful for grinding

To summarise, Devil Fruits are an important part of King Legacy, and their unique abilities contribute to the game’s excitement. Players may use this tier list to identify which fruits are the most extraordinary and which ones they should avoid. There’s a fruit for every kind of gaming, whether you favour PvP, farming, or raid mode. Keep in mind that this tier list is subject to change, and the strength and utility of each fruit will fluctuate as the game progresses. Thus, if you’re still looking for the perfect fruit, don’t be scared to try new things and find what works best for you. Best wishes and good hunting!

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