Rarest Capes, You Didn’t Know About in Minecraft

This guide will find the rarest capes you didn’t know about in Minecraft. 

You’ve probably seen some capes in Minecraft before, but there are some rare Minecraft capes. Some of which you might have never seen. 

Table of Contents

    Prismarine Cape

    The prismarine cape is unique; it was made a while before a mod creator named Drullkus got it. 

    He was given it for remaking the prismarine textures in his mods. Mojang was impressed he did this instead of just stealing theirs. 

    Billyk Cape

    This cape was given to Billyk, the player who had the idea of turtles. It featured a green turtle on a red background and was even made to fit the owner’s skin. 

    Julian Clark’s Cape

    Julian Clark’s cape was given to him directly by Notch. It features a snowman on a gray background, which also matches his skin well. The snowman was an inside joke between Notch and Julian. 

    Customer Cape

    It is the 1 millionth customer cape, purple with a yellow star. And it’s one of the few capes only 1 person has. It was gifted with the 1,000,000th copy of the game.

    Green-bordered Cape

    MrMessiah owns this green-bordered cape. It features a spade symbol on a white and pink background. It was given to him for making the ‘betterLight’-mod! 

    Older Cape

    This one was made when Mojang released their new game, scrolls. Its design is very similar to some textures in scrolls. It was given to the best players for the first few months of the game. So it’s one of the rarest capes that aren’t personalized. 

    Cobalt Cape

    The cobalt cape has a very similar story to the scrolls cape. It was given to players of Mojang’s tournament. The first tournament ever in the cobalt game. The cape is blue, with a white circle on it. It made some people nickname it ‘The blue meatball’.

    DannyBStyle Cape

    Notch was a fan of a game music artist called dannyBstyle. So when he found out Danny played the game, he was overjoyed. In the past, he had made music for games such as super meat boy. So much thought it was only right to give him this cape. It even has Danny’s initials on it. 

    Cheapshot’s Cape

    Finally, there’s cheapshot’s cape. It’s very similar in appearance to a few other capes. These all look the same except for a few with a hidden Chinese flag. Cheapshots are extra rare. Since it has the Japanese flag, he helped translate it at a Mojang meeting in Tokyo.

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