Rebirth Guide – A Hero’s Destiny/One Punch Man Destiny

The rebirth update is the final decently large update that will come to A Hero’s Destiny. 

Rebirth resets all your game progress (other than your class and agility). But when you rebirth, you will get a +(X2) on all stats, so you get strength/XP X2 faster. 

And to rebirth (for the first one), you need 20k levels and 30k levels for the second rebirth, but you get an X4 multiplier at the second rebirth. Rebirths are also capped at 10k, meaning you can’t get more than an x20 multiplier on all the stats. It is not X2 every time it’s +(X2), so you will get an x6 multiplier at the third rebirth, not X8. 

This guide will provide you with the best rebirth method in One Punch Man Destiny. 

The multiplier stacks with the x5 event making the first rebirth give an x5 multiplier. 

Now, if you want to deity rank, you will need to rebirth, so it’s more balanced in a way. 

Let’s click rebirth now and see what happens. 

That’s how it works after you rebirth; you get kicked and say the multiplier amount.

Now that you have learned how rebirths work, we will let you know the best way to grind rebirths. So if you are solo, it might be a bit harder (if you have more than 3 rebirths it won’t be very hard). 

If you are solo, it’s kind of a lot harder that’s why it is suggested to go with squads after rebirthing. It is recommended to buy the “fighting spirit” game pass since you get a lot more damage with it.

It helps you beat boss pretty much x2 faster since it doubles your damage if you’ve low hp. 

So with a fighting spirit, a 100 m strength person can be as strong as someone with 200 m strength. And if you rebirthed, you probably have phoenix. So the C move will be beneficial for soloing bosses.

Those are the three main ways to grind rebirths.

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