Red Dead Online Blackbone Forest Treasure Map Guide

There is another treasure map you can get in Red Dead Online is the Blackbone Forest Treasue Map. Check out this guide to get the loot.

This map is unlocked at rank 15; you can find the first treasure in the valley’s west. You can use your vision to help you find the chest. 

It is located behind the rocks, you can find it easily there. 

The next one will be found right below the B of Black Bone Forest on the map. 

You will find a makeshift camp, and if it is there, that is the one for you. 

The next one is in the south of the B of the Black Bone Forest on the map. 

You will find it in a huge tree stump, and it is very easy to miss, or sometimes it’s right there, but you can’t see that unless you have your vision on.

The fourth one is found to the northwest of the B of the Big Valley on the map.  

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