Red Dead Redemption 2 Save Editor, Ped Changer PS4

In this brief guide, you will get to know about the latest update (New Ped Changer) for red dead redemption 2 save editor (PS4 Only).

In this new update, a ped changer has been added.

If you have not downloaded the save editor for RDR2, first download it from the link below

Just click the download button on the screen there to get it downloaded. This one is free to download. But you also need the “Save Wizard” which costs $60. And you can download that from the following link below.

And now the thing with save wizard, it decrypts the PS4 game saves so you can modify the saves using it. You need to use the save wizard in order to use the save editor. Once you have these two downloaded and installed, open up your save wizard.

But before that, you need to extract your safe from PS4 on a USB, so copy the game data from PS4. then plug in your USB to the PC. it will look like this after plugging in the USB.

Now come back to the Save Wizard. As soon as you open up, the safe wizard is going to read all of your game saves that are on your USB right now. RDR2 will be under the cheats tab. Double click this little arrow with the game name.

Once you click it you will see another slot underneath. Right click on it and select advanced Mode.

Wait a moment till it completes loading. Then this advanced Mode window will pop up right after loading. Now select the second icon from the top right side, which is for export to file purpose. Now export it to our USB with PS4 folder.

Save this game file and open up USB again to see the exported file with the PS4 folder.

This is the extracted save file of the game and now minimizes the advanced mode window. Do not close it.

Now from this point open up red dead redemption 2 save editor.

There will be two games, go ahead and select RDR2. After selecting it we will have another window popping up and this will be our save editor. At the left of this window, you will find the open file tab. Click on this open file and select the game save file (extracted file) from our USB.

A little window will pop up asking you if you want a backup before editing. Always select yes.

Wait for some seconds till it loads up.

You will see different categories on the left side of the window that you can edit. And on top you will have some categories to edit as well. There are certain features in every category you can explore by yourself.

So now we are going straight to the update about which this guide is all about. If you go to the top right of the save editor, there will be an icon of a person or a ped and there will be a circle around the head of the person. Go ahead and select the ped changer by clicking it.

Once you select it, there will be a little window pop up. You will see a drop down list for type and for ped as well. You can choose whatever you like from this dropdown list. They have good range, every animal in the game like dog, fish, horse and other special animals to kill a long list of animals to choose.

After selecting the type and ped, click on the set ped button. And after editing anything, just click the save file at the main window. Then close out this file and minimize or close the save editor for RDR2.

Now open up the advanced mode window.

And click on the last icon at the top right side of the window. A window will pop up and now select the game file that we have inside our USB.

Once that opens press zero on your numpad and a message will appear. Click continue and then click apply, then tap yes and give it some time.

Once it is done, you will see a little box pop up saying “Modifications successfully applied”. The advanced mode window will disappear, now go ahead and close the save wizard.

Plug in your USB into the PS4 and go to settings and then scroll down to the application saved data management. Under application saved data management, select the option saved data on USB storage device. Then further select copy to system storage. There will be red dead redemption 2 save available to get all the data into the PS4. Now run the game, it may take a long time to load, but once the loading is done and you get to the main cover of the game, go down to the story.

Then select “Load Game”.

And then find the save that we just modified. You should select the save which you have modified. So once you load into the game you will see that it looks a little different as you can see it is an animal here it is a buffalo as we set our ped as buffalo.

Remember whatever animal you change to could still ride a horse, that is quite funny. Who’s going to dump? Is that horse or buffalo anyway! That’s all for the new update.


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