Rimworld: Tips & Tricks, Complete Guide

I have put together ten tips based upon my first thirty hours of gameplay. These are the tips that people with lots of experience of the game told me about when I’ve been streaming. So, I find these tips helpful, and therefore hopefully you will find them helpful too.

Beds are Really Important

You don’t want your colony sleeping in short beds, so what you need to do is make sure that the person with the highest construction skill is making and remaking them. You also have to make sure whether the beds are good or not, and the person is taking them down until you get yourself a set of really good beds. This helps to boost the morale of your men.

Monitor Your Crops

Monitoring your crops is also crucial. It might seem paramount that you have to assign someone to harvest, but the more important thing is that you should also prioritize the cutting of the crops. You might set somebody to do this. Also, make sure that the crops get cut before they reach one hundred percent. This is because animals or fire can destroy the crops. You might have animals eating the crops and you may not even realize it. Look after the crops and perhaps for this you will have to do little micromanagement so that you get the enough food supply for your colony.

Maintaining Power

Maintaining power is very important for the freezer, for the lighting and for the morale; so, you have to make sure that your power is connected to a power source, for instance. Make sure you have got batteries, but one of the most important things is to avoid explosions so don’t build processing plants too close to the powerhouse. Another important thing is that you can create loops so that you always have two points connected to your main power. It’s going to cost a bit more, but if one site goes down, your base won’t go into complete darkness and destroy morale.

Don’t Let the Place be Dirty

You might be thinking that snazzy defenses and strong walls are the most important things, well, my observation is that if the area is dirty, the morale of the staff gets down and nothing else gets done. So make sure that you assign someone the task of tidying up the base. A dirty base affects so many things, so you better keep your place clean.

Keep an Eye for Space Chunks

Keep an eye on the space chunks; in the starting game you will have few, and then occasionally, they do fall from the sky. If you deconstruct them by selecting them, you will get things like components steel and slacks. It’s a very handy and free resource.

Create a Freezer on Your Base

Create a freezer on your base; what it does is obvious – it keeps your food frozen, and the food lasts longer. To make a freezer all you have to do is put a cooler in one of the walls with the back of the cooler facing out into space, so the heat is spelled that way. And then you have to create an airlock at the other end so that the temperature doesn’t leak out every time people come and go. In that way, you can regulate the temperature by adjusting the dials. You need to aim for the colder climate, so that you can keep your freezer at a good level. This allows your food to last much longer.

Hold Animals

One of the best things you can get for your colony is holding animals – lots of them. They will go out and collect all the crappy stuff that you don’t want your main guys concentrating on when they have other important things to do. You can get dogs from traders, for example, dogs are great because they are very clever, and you can train them to top levels. They will bring injured people back to your place. What you need is someone who is quite good at handling animals. Once they are in, the interested person will train them up.

Cycling Through Colonists

This is a very simple one, but I didn’t know about it for a while; select a player, then go to one of the menus. You can cycle through all of your colonists by pressing the comma. It’s an easy and quick way to see their information.

Breeding Animals

If you are buying animals and if you can get male and female of same species, they will breed, and you will get more animals. And don’t forget once they come, you can go down to the training menu for those particular new puppies, and a particular person will start training them. Soon, you will have the colony of dogs who will do lots of things for you.

What to Do With Prisoners

Sometimes when you have a prisoner, it’s almost impossible to recruit them to the colony. But, what you can do is either keep them alive or sell them, or you can even harvest their organs. Once I had a colonist who had a heart attack, what I did was I picked the heart from the prisoner whom I couldn’t recruit, and then I performed the operation. As my doctor is at a very high level, so he did the operation successfully, and it meant that my man could live a lot longer with the heart replacement.

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