Rise of Nations Cheat Codes

The Rise of Nations game was released worldwide in 2003 and this game still beats many of the Real Time Strategy games even in 2020. If you like history, strategy games then this game is for you. The game play offers you lots of things like upgrading your units and tech which is something you strive to do from the outset and having troops with long barreled guns going up against the army of spearmen. The game combines aspects you have seen spread across various strategy games. You have to defeat the opponents to expand your empire by taking control of their land and increasing your wealth by obtaining loot. The Rise of Nations game gives you so many options to expand your empire and you will surely be mesmerised by the gameplay and game story. 

If you fall short of resources or other game items, cheat codes are there to help you in this matter. You can use all the codes to obtain resources, items, to make your character die and much more.

To use the cheat codes, open up the chat menu and type cheat keys on. And then use the particular cheat code to get the desired reward.

Rise of Nations PC Cheats

war (nation name)This cheat code will declare the war on the specified nation.
victory (nation name)Automatic victory for the specified nation.
pause (0 or 1)This cheat code is used to pause or unpause the game.
computer (name)This code is used to turn on the computer control.
human (name)This cheat code will turn off the computer control.
reveal (on or off)This code helps you to display the full map.
age (number)(nation name)This cheat code will change the age of the any particular nation by specifying the name and number in the sntax..
military (number)(nation name)This code is used to change the military level for a particular nation.
library (number)(nation name)You can change the library tech level for a specified nation with this cheat code.
commerce (number)(nation name)This code is used to change the commerce level for a specified nation.
achieveThis cheat code will display the achievements.
diff (0-5)This code is used to set the difficulty to a specified number.
safeThis cheat code will place submachine gunners around the human capitals.
peace (nation name)This code forces peace with the particular nation by specifying the nation name in the syntax. .
dieYou can kill all the selected units by executing this code.
finishThis cheat code will automatically finish the building or next item.
unmeet (nation name)This code is used to turn off the encounters with specified nation.
meet (nation name)You can initiate an encounter with the particular nation by using this code.
birdThis code is used to spawn a bird at mouse cursor location.
nukeThis cheat code will drop the nuke at the mouse cursor location.
defeat (nation name)Automatically defeats specified nation.
ally (nation name)This cheat codeforces an alliance with the specified nation.
ai (on, off or debug)This code is used to set the AI state to on, off, or debug.
resource all+1000This cheat code will give you 1,000 more resources.

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