ROBBING TIPS – The Wild West (Roblox)

In this brief guide, you will get to know about some best robbing tips.

Before robbing the vault train, wait for it to go to the mines. You have to wait because it will give you 10 gold instead of 4. The vault train will loop around bronze city two times then go to the mines. After the train stops, rob it.

Use the dynamite and get to the locker and picklock. There may be variations of gold. It’s your luck.

But be very careful every time because you are not safe from attacks at all.

Before robbing the bank, put your horse at the door.

This will make your escape much faster.

Picklock the locker after entering the bank. Also throw the dynamite at the vault first, so you can save the time.

Loot all you see there till the main door opens.

And there will be a lot of gold waiting for you. But you will have to do all of this very quickly as there is always the possibility of killing before you have even opened the gold holding locker.

Now run away through the hidden tunnel to the door where you have parked your horse.

Take your horse and run away.

Try to rob the train as far away from the bronze city as possible. So less people will try to arrest you.

Try to rob 2 safes, so you get more money. And also remember trains are trains, and can get run over. It is better to fuse the train so that it stops.


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