Roblox Birdkeepers Codes 2023 (Updated)

Birdkeepers is a popular game on the Roblox platform. You will play as a Birdkeeper, and you will need to explore the world with your pet birds. Explore the mountains and collect food and other items. You can trade these items to get bags and tools.

Active Codes

BalanceUse it to get 1x Noob Boost, $1,000, 3x Common Treats
EXCALIBURUse it to get 1x Sunflower Seashore boost, 1x Peanut Place boost, 1x Carrot City boost, 1x Noob Boost, $50,000, 1x Rare Treat, 1x Legendary Treat
ExoticExoticExoticUse it to get 1x Sunflower Seashore Boost, 1x Legendary Treat
happyhundredthousandUse it to get 1x Canary Campus boost, $1,000
MacadamiaUse it to get $350 Cash, Fruit Boost, 3 Common Treat
proUse it to get 1x Almond Avenue Boost
RELEASEUse it to get $250 Cash, Noob Boost, 3 Common Treat
sneakuspeekusUse it to get Seed Boost
SuperMumazingUse it to get 5x Seed Boost, $1,000, 3x Common Treats, 1x Rare Treat
supertreatsUse it to get for some boosts
thnxforplayingUse it to get Noob Boost, 10x Fruit Boost, $350, 3x Common Treats, 1x Rare Treat

How to use codes in Birdkeepers?

You can redeem the codes in Birdkeepers by following the steps below:

In Birdkeepers, tap the Twitter button on the side of the screen. The code redemption window will open up as a result. Enter your code in the text box, and press redeem to receive an instant reward.

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