Roblox Brookhaven RP – Secret Locations (Updated)

Brookhaven is a role playing Roblox game. You can buy cars, houses and many other things with the help of money. And then explore the city while riding in your car. 

Secret Locations in Roblox Brookhaven

Currently, there are 26 secret locations in the Roblox Brookhaven games, we have listed them below:

This guide will let you know how to find out the secret locations in the Brookhaven game. 


To find out the first secret location, you will need to go into the building named “CLEANERS”. You will find a gap on the corner of the wall. Just go behind that wall and climb down the ramp. 

Then you have to enter into the room on the left side and click on the hanging light in the room. This will open a trap door on the ground. Pass through it and it will take you to the underground secret base. 

Brookhaven Bank

There’s a tiny path in the secret underground base that will take you to the Brookhaven bank. Follow the path to go there. 

Place the explosive just outside the bank’ vault and it will blow up the vault’s door. Go in there and loot all the money. 


Head towards the Arcade area in the city and climb up the stairs. You will find yourself in a Birthday area. It is also one of the secret places in the Brookhaven  game. 

Brookhaven Hospital

Make your way to the Brookhaven hospital and enter into it from the main entrance. You will find a hole in the ceiling just on the top right side of the front desk. 

Use a ladder to go into the hole. It’s a scary kind of secret location with experimental chairs and operating tables in it. 

Brookhaven Cemetery

Move towards the Brookhaven Cemetery and make yourself fall into the just next to a grave. This will be a hidden secret location with lots of scary sounds. 

Secret Cave

Move up on the mountain and you find some drones there. Ride one and it will take you to the cave just outside the town. 

It will be a massive cave, you can use it as your secret base. 

Secret House

Make your way to the airport and just go behind it. You will find an abandoned house between two trees. 

Hidden Wall

Press on the house icon and select the modern house. A new house will be built in a few moments.

Enter the house and climb up the stairs located on the left side. Go into the room and squeeze your size a bit. Jump on the table and go inside the wall. This secret place can be used for hiding. 

Go down stairs and jump on the wall at the top of the fridge. This is another secret location that you can use to hide yourself. 

Secret Wall

There is a wal just on the right side of the table you just humped. This is a secret kind of wall as you can pass through it. 


Move up the stairs in the house and enter into the bedroom. Just move forward towards the bed and hide yourself in it. 

Outer wall

Now you need to move outside of the house and use a ladder to climb up the wall from outside. Hide yourself in the wall. 

Dark Scary House

Press on the house icon and select the dark scary house. The house will be built in a few seconds.


Enter into the house and you will find some boxes ther. Squeeze your size a bit and hide yourself in any box you want. 


The next secret is that you can jump on that box and hide yourself in the wall. 


You can pass through the wall under the stairs and it can also be used as a hidden place. 

After that, you can move up stairs and enter into the room on your front. There is another wall that can be used as a hidden place. 

There is a wall just near the stairs, you can pass through it. 

Now we will move to the next house. Just choose the design of that house and it will be built in just a few seconds. 

Gate of garage

Squeeze your size to 0.5 and enter the house from the garage. Use the ladder and climb up the gate of the garage as this is a secret location. 

Microwave Oven

After that, move up the stairs just beside the garage and make your way to the kitchen. You will find a microwave oven on the shelf. Go into the oven and hide yourself there. 

Dressing Room

After that, you will need to go into the elevator to reach the dressing room. You can pass through the wall in the dressing room and can hide yourself in the cupboards. 


Enter into the elevator and reach the roof of the house. This is one of the secret locations in this house. 

Reading Spot

Move outside and enter the house from the front door. Squeeze your size and move up stairs. Enter into the bedroom and drop yourself in the empty area near the bed. You will find yourself on a secret reading spot.

Kids Room

Enter into the scary house and make your way to the kids room. Move to the kids bunk bed and jump up. This would be a perfect hiding spot for you. 

Shower Teleport

Head towards the bathroom of the master bedroom, you will find a piece of wood just next to the showr. Pass through it and you will find yourself in another area of the house. 

Bathroom Sink

Sit down near the sink and crouch yourself under it. It is a great hiding spot, you can just sit there and watch who’s coming in. 

Hidden death spot

Go to the backyard of the scary house and you will find a little graveyard there. You can hide behind the bushes there. 

House Entrance

Make your way to the entrance, squeeze your size and go under the ramp at the entrance. You can use this as a hiding spot. 

Kids play room

Enter into the modern house and move forward to the kids play room. You can hide yourself behind the cupboard and watch who comes in this room. 

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